Donate to help us prepare for the pandemic crisis and avoid families growing hungry image

Donate to help us prepare for the pandemic crisis and avoid families growing hungry

Help us fight food and medical supply shortages in rural Guatemala

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ODIM is fundraising for food vouchers and medicine!

We need your help now!

Guatemala is experiencing a serious hit due to the COVID-19 crisis. All around the country, food prices are going up and people are now struggling with limited income. This struggle is even more severe in rural communities, where the majority of people live from hand to mouth. The little work people once had is now close to zero and they weren't able to stockpile food and supplies for the weeks to come.

In Guatemala, 66% of the overall population live on less than US$ 2 per day. In rural communities like San Pablo or San Juan La Laguna, work is hard to find and many families struggle every day to put food on the table.

ODIM has reduced its activities to focus on the essential: attending patients in both clinics, giving out food vouchers and distributing prenatal vitamins to pregnant mothers. Today more than ever, we need your support to continue our work and help the most vulnerable populations here, in rural Guatemala.

Please consider donating now.

We urgently need:

  • $25 to buy masks, gloves, gowns and antibacterial gel for the clinic. We also donate supplies to government health centres whose first responders are currently working without appropriate protection.

  • $60 to cover the costs of providing 10 families each with a $6 food voucher. This voucher can be exchanged through a partnership with Centro Maya in Alma de Colores in San Juan or in San Pablo La Laguna. Fresh vegetables, eggs, rice, beans, pasta, fortified oats and other products are made available for a reduced price.

  • $250 to help us increase the amount of food we give out every 2 weeks to our program participants. We have a total of 250 participants in our programs, meaning a monthly donation of $250 would allow all these families to have $1 worth more food in their grocery bag throughout the duration of the pandemic.

  • $500 to help us do an advanced medicine order and prepare for the next 4 months. This includes medicine for diabetic patients, pregnant mothers, hypertension and hypothyroidism.

We are looking to raise enough funds to provide all of our program participants (250 people in total) with $6 food vouchers to help them provide for their families throughout the pandemic.

Help us now to avoid families growing hungry in San Pablo and San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala.